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Andrea Ramolo & Sara Romano

at Ellena's Cafe  May 8 at 7:30 pm


Born in Toronto to Italian immigrants, Andrea began her artistic life as a dancer and actress. She first picked up guitar in 2003 and found her personal expression in song. She released her first album in 2008, Thank You For the Ride. She followed up with The Shadows and the Clocks (2011), Stranger (2012), NUDA (2015) and now Homage, a dedication to the great Leonard Cohen.

Sara Romano was born in Palermo, Italy. Nurtured in music shaped by her Mediterranean culture, Sara has taken her talent across Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Germany and other EU locales. Now she joins her good friend Andrea on a tour in Ontario.

This concert is a beautiful blend of culture in a mystery that reveals the inner souls of two artists, bound by a common ancestry and love of musical expression, and separated only by distance and separate paths. We are fortunate to be be beneficiaries of this moment in time when their two paths meet.

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