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Campbell + Green w/ North Easton

May 30 at Ellena's Café at 7:30 pm

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Cailin Green + Robert Campbell are folk-pop singer songwriters. They are booking & touring Canada in 2019. They are featuring songs from their recent album, “On Being Human”,  as well as previous albums. They are currently in the studio recording for a Christmas album and later this year they will record another album before heading back for their 4th European tour in spring 2020.

Campbell + Green are refining & defining their sound, which features thoughtful songwriting, strong vocal harmonies and skilled musicianship, and they continue to garner audience from show to show. Robert + Cailin look forward to seeing you, sharing their songs & stories and making new friends. Feel free to say hello!

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North Easton is an award winning songwriter who has composed more than 1000 songs and collaborated with artists all over Canada. His songs have been played on radio, t.v. and in independent films across the country. As the principle writer of Ottawa band Garrity (Lately, The Rain, Laugh Out Loud, Fairy Tales, Gotta Get More, 25 Years) Norths songs received airplay and charting across Canada


Campbell + Green Website
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