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Ann Vriend on Aug 10 at Ellena's Cafe

16 Dundas St. E at 7:30 p.m.  Summer special $15.00 

Special guest appearance by Debbie Fredericks

Ann Vriend is a favourite of Starstop Concerts and is actually the first artist to perform on our stage over five years ago. Ann is a soulful singer and songwriter from Edmonton who has sung everything from folk ballads to funk, always backed by her tasteful keyboard playing. Behind all her music you hear her passion for the world and humanity as she touches on issues of the soul and morality. Though some of her songs deal with serious issues we always see her funny and quirky view of life. With Ann Vriend you will be reminded of the spirit of artists such as Aretha Franklin, Dinah Washington, and Amy Winehouse, sometimes touched by a country sound which brings to mind Dolly Parton. Ann spends much of her year touring, particularly in Australia and Germany where she has many fans. Ann is a unique talent. A concert with Ann Vriend will send listeners home with an understanding that although the world may not always be rosy, it really is a fun place.

Best known for her soulful vocal presence and infectious energy, Debbie Fredericks is a Canadian singer, songwriter living in Kingston, Ontario.
Pulling on influences from the soul R&B stylings of artists like Mary J Blige and the sultry provocations of Sam Smith and Adel, she captivates audiences with her unmistakable and evocative vocals.
Emerging onto the professional music scene in the 90’s with four dance charting singles, she has collaborated with some of Canada’s prominent musicians, artists and producers.
Her two most recent singles “Doing Me Wrong” and “Soul Red” capture her deep ties to pop/soul music and have earned her independent and college radio play. She is currently in the writing process of her forthcoming EP.


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