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Ann Vriend June 21 Concert.jpg

Tickets $25

Anne Vriend

Comes Home to Ellena's

Anne Vriend makes her home in Edmonton but more often than not she is touring Europe. She's coming back off tour but since she always makes time for Napanee as she passes through Toronto she is making a special stop in Napanee before she heads back out to Scotland.

Ann is pure soul. She blends many genres accompanying herself with a classical soulful keyboard sound. And that voice.... will touch your heart with lyrics and melody. Your experience may be best summed up by this quote from Perth Australia's AU Review.

"What a voice, what a performance... She had a commanding stage presence and a control of dynamics that actually made my jaw drop, making me grin like an idiot... if you have not heard of her, get on that, because she was absolutely phenomenal!"

The AU Review

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