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Dave Gunning

We were very excited to be bring Dave Gunning to Napanee.  Dave is a perennial winner at the East Coast Music Awards. A Dave Gunning concert is much more than musical entertainment. His stories and humour, along with his spellbinding songs are guaranteed to find a place in your heart.

Plays an intimate concert at Ellena's Cafe

Dave Gunning played to a sold out house

March 30, 2017

7:30 pm

Tickets limited  $30.00

Dave Gunning is the next big thing in the True North of Song, an artist as compelling, as assured and attentive to every nuance of the writing process as Lightfoot, Coburn and Stan Rogers before him.” -- Greg Quill, The Toronto Star


There are stories that wash over you like a tide, and then there are stories that grab you by the heart. Dave Gunning has made a point of finding the latter and wrapping them up in song since he broke upon the East Coast music scene in Canada back in 1997. The Pictou County, Nova Scotia born and bred singer-songwriter and working class hero has built up from humble beginnings to a point where his name is regularly included in conversation with artists such as David Francey, James Keelaghan, Ron Hynes, Stan Rogers, Bruce Cockburn and Gordon Lightfoot. Writing from a sonic menu that includes flavors of Irish, Scottish, French Acadian, folk and country musical styles, Dave Gunning transcends genre with songs that fill your senses and touch your soul.

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